September 19, 2008

button tab caps

button tab caps
Originally uploaded by croshay

I made some button tab caps using cascades Eco+.
Because it's bulkier than the Sierra I made smaller puff stitches by using fewer yarnovers. I also added one round of the pattern stitch and made the band a little more narrow for this 1 1/8" woven leather button.


CrochetDad said...

I really like these. The button gives it a personal touch.

Anonymous said...

I ordered (and paid for) the PDF of this pattern almost two weeks ago and still haven't received it. The e-mail I sent was unanswered... I love your designs but wish I could get better service.

Laura Killoran for Croshay Design said...

Please check your spam filter, we send out a notification when the order is placed with the password and information on how to download.
I can help you better with more information, please email