August 19, 2007

seeing stars!

3star beanie with brim camo beret crochet

original croshay brim beanie in charcoal and black, slouchy beret in camoflauge and black, both with buttons by JHB collection.


minotte's notes said...

i would like to buy the blaak/camouflage beret. please tell me how.

beautiful work!


Laura Killoran for Croshay Design said...

thanks minotte!
this one is sold but if you would like to place an order I can make another one for you!

Anonymous said...

would it be possible for a pattern??

ive been looking everywhere and i can't find one any where!!

can i just say how cool your hats are! u have a talent! =]

many thanks
Vicki Beaney

sumer said...

Can you help me find a pattern for hats like this. I have been searching and searching with no luck. I would appreciate it

Laura Killoran for Croshay Design said...

thanks everyone!

crochet patterns for both these styles are available at Croshay Design