June 4, 2007

Prototype - not quite a tam, it's sort of a slouchy beret.. I really like this shape!

art_hippie2 art_hippie3

..and now for a little DIY flava!


madeline said...

do you have a way to oder from you online?

Anonymous said...

I would love to purchase the brown and tan applejack style dread hat with soft brim and inside pocket shown on your website. Is there any way to order this online? Please email me at demiurgicart@hotmail.com

takinanap said...

nice berets! i'll bet patty hearst would not have been arrested if she had only added buttons or bows to her beret.

Croshay said...

I guess if she had never been arrested then she never would have been cast as Traci Lords' mother in John Waters' film Cry Baby.. and that would be a real shame.

vive le beret!