July 18, 2006

More of the same.. but different
A variation on the croshay bucket hat:

bucket v2 bucket v2

left: RHSS #0365 Coffee /Red Heart Fiesta, Buff(disc)
right: RHSS #4313 Aran Fleck /TLC Essentials #2480 Charcoal


Anonymous said...

How very 70's... not sure I want to go back there however!

Croshay said...

ooh. ouch.

Anonymous said...

I have a little irritate question^^;
Lately, I am kniting a muffler with #4313 aran fleck.

But I coudn't find the same wool because I'm Korean..... T.T
If you know the color of the 4313 aran fleck with Korean name, please leave me a message..

- mail address: j3girl@naver.com