June 28, 2006

What is it, you ask? Why, it's my low tech precision pom pom maker! (patent pending, of course :P )


For my hat production, I want all my pom poms to be the same size, and I want to make them fast..
On this project, I'm making a finished pom pom that's 1 1/2" in diameter, so I cut a piece of cardboard 1 3/4" wide with a slit cut in the center, about two thirds the length of the cardboard as shown. With these little ones I wrapped the yarn around 30 times, if you want a bigger, puffier pompom use a wider piece of cardboard and wrap it thicker with the yarn, just make sure not to completely cover the slit in the center.

pom2 pom3

Thread a tapestry needle with an 18 inch length of yarn and tie it around the wrapped yarn by inserting the needle into the slit, wrap it twice and tie firmly with a square knot.

pom4 pom5

Cut the yarn at the edge of the cardboard and slide the pompom off.

pom6 pom7

Trim up any stragglers so its nice and round, leaving one of the the longer yarn ends to sew the pompom in place.. et viola!


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